A Systematic, Four-Part Approach to Achieve Sustainability Leadership
Triovest has a clear approach to integrating sustainability across our operations, in both the way we manage our business and our assets:

1. PROGRESS: Benchmarked through the GRESB Real Estate Assessment

Triovest uses the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Real Estate Assessment as a compass to orient our sustainability initiatives, benchmark ourselves against our peers, identify best practices, and address gaps in a prioritized manner. Triovest is committed to respond annually to the survey.

2. PRIORITIES: Confirmed through stakeholder engagement

Seeking different perspectives on internal and external priorities helps our organization refine business strategy, identify trends and improve communication. Regular, ongoing engagement, based on open dialogue, supports informed business decisions and fosters an environment of trust and shared enthusiasm for positive change.

3. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Sustainability Roadmap

Reflecting our sustainability priorities, which include issues identified in our Materiality Matrix, our first organization-wide Sustainability Roadmap will communicate roles, responsibilities, key performance indicators and targets. The scorecard component will play an essential role in measuring and improving our sustainability performance.

4. REPORTING: Open and transparent

Reporting in a public, transparent manner motivates continuous improvement and promotes engagement with our employees, clients, tenants and other stakeholders. With Board and senior leadership team support, our cross-functional Sustainability Steering Committee plays an essential role in shaping our strategy and guiding our implementation and engagement-related initiatives. In addition to producing tangible benefits for our company and those we directly touch, we aim to positively influence the real estate industry through engagement, knowledge sharing and collaboration.