We address sustainability in our developments, managed assets and internal operations


Triovest’s governance structure provides a principled foundation for long-term success. We take seriously our governance of sustainability-related issues. Triovest’s Board is accountable for decision-making on Triovest’s economic, environmental and social impacts. It monitors performance and delegates responsibility for day-to-day management to Triovest’s President & CEO and Senior Management Team (SMT). Triovest’s SMT relies on guidance and feedback from our cross-functional Sustainability Steering Committee with regards to sustainability strategy and implementation.

Sustainability in our Internal Operations

While our internal operations footprint is small compared to the scale of impact from our services, it is important that we act with integrity and walk the talk. We invest in our team to support personal and professional achievement, and each and every employee has at least one annual sustainability-related goal. There are many opportunities to learn by doing in our own offices, sharing lessons internally, and extending best practices to our developments, managed assets, and even home environments. Our Sustainability Cup inter-office challenges are designed as fun educational campaigns that address personal health, energy and water conservation, waste diversion and community impact opportunities.

Sustainability in our Services

We recognize that buildings last a long time and have a big impact across the property investment lifecycle. Sustainability-related considerations arise in each stage of a property’s investment lifecycle, from development and/or acquisition, to operation and maintenance, and redevelopment and/or disposition. Whether it is consulting with stakeholders to improve outcomes, systematically assessing risks and opportunities, or pursuing green-certified buildings, taking a holistic approach: reduces overall cost and risk; demonstrates leadership; improves social license to operate; increases asset values; and, ultimately creates better buildings for our tenants and our communities.