Triovest Adds VTS Lease Technology to its Operating Platform

Triovest implements best-in-class technology to its leasing process for increased collaboration and efficiency.

Triovest is pleased to announce the implementation of  best-in-class leasing management technology with VTS Lease. VTS is the commercial real estate industry’s leading leasing, marketing, and asset management platform.

“Triovest is continually looking for ways to strengthen our processes to enhance collaboration with our clients, industry partners and employees,” says Tom Falls, EVP, Commercial. “VTS Lease will act as Triovest’s “command center” for automating leasing and asset management workflow, providing us the ability to track real-time data and accelerate deals.” 

VTS powers strategic business decisions by putting best-in-class software and data in the hands of everyone across the organization. Additionally, it includes powerful business intelligence capabilities with the ability to unlock insights from their portfolios to build an informed, data-led asset strategy. This level of business intelligence enables users to make sense of large amounts of complex data and draw out critical insights through easy-to-understand visualizations and reports – and is commonly used by commercial real estate teams to understand macro market trends as well as make critical asset level decisions.

“Given current complexities in the market, leading landlords are embracing innovation as a means of improving the analog ways of the past, while also using it as a tool in their arsenal for a competitive advantage across all stages of the asset lifecycle”, said Nick Romito, CEO of VTS. “With VTS Lease, Triovest now possesses complete visibility into their leases, deals, and data across their entire portfolio, modernizing the deal management process to help their teams to perform at the highest level.”

Triovest has leasing teams across Canada with expertise in local markets.  Click here to view current opportunities.