Triovest Supports Fitwel Viral Response Module

Triovest Realty Advisors is among a handful of real estate leaders who will prototype Fitwel’s recently announced Viral Response module. The Viral Response module will provide annual, third-party building certification of policies and practices informed by the latest public health research on mitigating the spread of infectious diseases. It is being developed with input from health experts and industry leaders.

“Fitwel is committed to bridging rigorous public health research with real estate industry expertise. We are grateful for Triovest’s leadership as together we are advancing the Fitwel Viral Response module, which responds to industry demand to set the standard for optimizing buildings and addressing the broad health impacts of infectious diseases in light of COVID-19,” says Reena Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer at the Center for Active Design.

“There remains a high demand for real estate industry guidance on how to respond to COVID-19’s unique challenges as we all continue to learn and adapt to changing circumstances,” says Philippe Bernier, Triovest’s Vice President, Innovation & Sustainability. “Engaging in pilot efforts such as Fitwel’s Viral Response module and expanding our benchmarking initiatives allows Triovest to contribute its knowledge and experience, and to learn quickly alongside industry leaders in service of our tenants and clients.”

Triovest is also pleased to announce its registration of 10 million sf of managed assets under the Center for Active Design’s Fitwel Certification program. To amplify its commitment, Triovest recently added another 24 buildings to the program to identify and further accelerate performance improvements across its portfolio. Triovest will benchmark all office assets over 200,000 sf and many large retail assets under Fitwel by the end of 2020.

“While recent events have resulted in many shifting priorities, it’s important to not lose sight of our sustainability efforts and that includes attention to the health and well-being of our people and properties” says Ben Welch, Triovest Specialist and Fitwel Ambassador. “Triovest is committed to providing healthy, safe, and resilient spaces, and aligning with leading rating systems such as Fitwel helps to achieve just that.”

Triovest joined the Center for Active Design’s Leadership Advisory Board and its Fitwel Champions program in January 2020 to support Triovest’s ongoing commitment to health and well-being across its national portfolio of buildings.

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